Hi there! It’s been so long! Sorry for being away for 2 years. Although I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to blog, I can’t complain, life has been quite good to me; I got a promotion at work, moved to a bigger place, and I’m currently pursuing a long-time dream of mine: becoming a certified makeup artist!

I am taking classes on the weekends to achieve the certification and I am so excited. I have about half-ways to go and I’ve learned so much already. I’ve also spent a life’s worth trying to put together a freelance makeup kit for clients.

With that being said, I want to get into the blogging world again, but this time with the focus directed towards makeup. I’ve started a blog where I’ll be posting all of my work including before and after pics, makeup tips, makeup looks, product reviews, etc. If you’re interested please follow and support me on the following link: http://makeupbylispr.wix.com/blog