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Hi everyone! I recently did a recipe guest blog post for Sara’s blog  By The (Cook) Book where I made mahi mahi (dorado) fish fillet in a delicious spanish creole sauce that I learned and loved from my cooking class. It’s a super easy and also a fast to make recipe. The spanish creole sauce is one of my favorites and also works well with other types of fish, shrimp and even chicken. Check out the recipe on Sara’s blog HERE or click on the photo below.

I just realized I completely forgot to update you all on my cooking class. Well, I completed it a couple of weeks ago and honestly it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned so much. I went from the girl who burned Campbell’s soup to the girl who makes sushi & crème brûlée! I am very proud of myself. Cooking has become a therapy for me. I never thought I would see the day where I actually enjoy being in the kitchen.

Our last day of class was fun. We were able to make any dish we wanted so most of us made our favorite dishes learned in the class. My group decided to make French Onion Soup, Risotto with Mushrooms, Bacon & Parmesan Cheese, Breaded Lamb Chops, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries filled with Cheesecake. Thanks to me, my group was known as the group that added bacon to everything, because of course, everything tastes better with bacon. Here’s a group photo and some of the plates served in the buffet we had on our last day (the photo alone makes me want to take the class all over again!).

I’m 3rd from the right, dressed in black, with a Bacardi logo hat.