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Hi there! It seems like it has been forever since my last post. I am terribly sorry. 😦 I am not going to lie, the reason I have been M.I.A. is because I’ve been indulging reading Fifty Shades of Grey. 😳 Once I start reading a book, my OCD won’t let me do anything else until I’ve finished reading it. So you can imagine how my OCD feels about trilogies. I’ve managed to control it and I’m posting this in between the second and third book (I’m so proud of myself). Now on to the main topic.

We have all been there. We’ve purchased a beauty product only to realize it didn’t work out as expected. I seem to have trouble throwing things away, so the things I regret purchasing are lying all over my apartment inspiring me to write this post.

*Disclaimer* These products didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work at all. In fact, I initially purchased them because of their positive reviews. This is solely my honest opinion and how they worked for me.

  • Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Honey Wax Kit (aprox $11) – For a person who’s never waxed before, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought this. It hurts like a mother flower. But the reason I really regretted purchasing it was because it didn’t work. If it pulled five hairs off my leg in one strip that’s an over-statement. The clear plastic strips it comes with simply don’t work. I saw on YouTube that some women substituted the bad clear strips for regular paper and surprisingly this does work better but still not good enough to remove all hairs in one single painful swipe.

  • Organix Shampoos (aprox $8) – I’ve specifically tried two different ones: Renewing Moroccan & Repairing Awapuhi Ginger. These are meant to be comparable to the higher end shampoos with similar names. I’ve had the chance to compare the real Awapuhi Ginger shampoo with the Organix one and they are in no way alike. The Organix shampoos don’t even make bubbles. They don’t foam up. You need half the bottle and killer biceps to get some foam cleansing sensation out of these. The conditioners, however, I found that they weren’t that bad.

  • Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows (aprox $7) – Specifically in the colors Audacious Asphalt (shimmery grey) & Pomegranate Punk (shimmery deep mauve purple color). These are two gorgeous colors in the packaging but the color payoff is terrible. It takes having to apply a lot of product on to the eyelid so that it can look remotely like it does in the packaging but then the more you put on the more they crease, which is exactly what they are marketed NOT to do. I have the color Bad to the Bronze and this is one happens to be one of my favorites. The pigmentation is great and the color is blendable and easy to work with.

  • Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (aprox $12) – First of all, this product is only available in two shades. What was Garnier thinking? You cannot sum up the beautiful colors of women around the world in two simples shades. Surprisingly the light, medium color matched well with my tan-colored skin which means that it would not work on women with fair skin color. The main reason why I regret purchasing this product is because you also can’t sum up all skin types in one “miracle” product. This BB cream made my skin oily, very oily, with monstrous breakouts with only three uses. It also has very, very poor coverage. I got better coverage results wearing sunscreen and a translucent face powder on top. I have no use for this product at all, but it was so expensive (for what it is) that it hurts to have to throw it away.

  • Olay Professional Pro X Clear Acne Protocol (Acne Clearing Kit) (aprox $40) – This one really hurt the most, literally. I suffer from the usual adult acne (thankfully right now it is under control) and a while ago decided to purchase this product. It is meant to target precisely adult acne without drying out your skin. It’s a three step system that includes a Pore Clarifying Cleanser, a Skin Clearing Treatment, and a Complexion Renewing Lotion Sheer, so that would be one cleanser and two moisturizers. I used it for a while, I’d say about a month or two. I didn’t really see any improvement in my acne, the only change I noticed was that my skin seemed to always be extremely hydrated, but not in a comfortable way. The moisture was too much for my personal liking. And one day I applied step two, the Skin Clearing Treatment, as I normally would, and all of sudden the side of my lip started itching. I thought nothing of it, maybe just a sudden reaction so I washed the area with soap and water and then went to bed. The next day the area that was itching was full of blisters! I went to the doctor and she told me that the product had actually burned my skin! Needless to say, I haven’t used this since and found the will power to throw it away.

  • Make UP For Ever HD Microfinish Silica Powder (aprox $30) – I purchased this for one reason, to have a flawless look one camera for possible makeup looks for my blog. Now here’s the problem: silica powder comes off extremely white in flash photography. I didn’t know this until I saw how white my face would look after taking a photo with it on. Initially I thought I purchased the wong color foundation, until I saw this video by Goss the Makeup Artist (I love his videos. What a man!) and realized what it was. It makes me feel better to know that celebrities made the same mistake also. Nonetheless, this is still a great product (in small amounts), just don’t use it for flash photography, but sadly that is what I purchased it for.


Have you tried any of these? Did they work for you? What beauty products do you regret purchasing?

Ok, now back to fantasizing reading about Mr. Grey… 😆