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I received my Glam Bag in the mail a couple of days ago, making this my second glam bag. The Glam Bag is a monthly subscription service where you receive beauty, hair, nail, among other samples delivered to you for $10 a month. You can read more about it in my previous post HERE.

This month’s theme is “Love is in the Air“. Here’s what I got in my glam bag.

  • Blue Kisses Cosmetic Bag – Each month has a different bag. Personally, I don’t really like this one. It looks like a bag that will have little girl makeup and fake press on nails in it. When I think of the theme “Love is in the Air”, I think romance, not bright blue and flashy lips.
  • Philosophy “Love Sweet Love” Fragrance Sample – (Full size retails for $42) This smells so sweet and romantic. I really liked the scent and would consider purchasing a full size in the future.
  • Studio Gear Lipstick in the color Redwood Full Size – (Retails for $15) I was really excited to receive a full size lipstick in this month’s glam bag. At first I saw the color and was a little disappointed. It’s very hard to find a color red that matches every skin tone and this one looked very dark in the tube. I decided to test it out anyway and I ended up loving it. The color is beautiful. It’s a rich red, but not too dark, with subtle hints of gold shimmer. I’ve always been very afraid to try red lipsticks and I have purchased a couple of them in the past but I never liked how any of them looked on me. I will definitely wear this one and possibly repurchase. In my opinion this is the lipstick unicorn – the one red lipstick that will look good on any skin tone.
  • Miss Beauty Nail Bling – (Unable to find a retail price) These are 3D nail stickers, 20 in total varying in sizes. I wasn’t too crazy about these either. I tend to like my manicure simple. These are really bright and shiny with pinks hearts on all of them. Nonetheless, I gave them a try for the sake of the review and placed one on each of my ring fingers and painted the rest of my nails a light pink color. The lasting power of these is quote good. They are also very easy to put on, just peel and apply. I do feel like I look like a 12-year-old with bling and hearts on my nails, though so I don’t really think I’ll be using these again.
  • My Glam Concealer Brush – (Retails for $8) OK, here I got a little upset. We were supposed to receive a concealer brush and an eyeliner brush but instead I received two concealer brushes and no eyeliner brush. I was really looking forward to the eyeliner brush. I really hope they don’t make this into a habit. The concealer brush is really good though, great quality bristles and smooth application.

To be quite honest, I’m considering unsubscribing from My Glam and subscribing to Birchbox instead. Birchbox is another $10 monthly subscription service. The double concealer brush and the idea of a growing collection of makeup bags are my main reasons to consider unsubscribing. From what I’ve read about Birchbox, the products come in a box and both the full and sample size products they send seem to be brands that are a bit more recognizable (you could definitely find a retail price for all of the items they send, unlike this months nail stickers and last month’s eyelashes). I believe they even had a Gossip Girl theme this month and a Teen Vogue theme a couple of months earlier. I’m going to give My Glam one more time to impress me with next month’s bag and will let you know if it’s a keeper or if it’s goodbye glam bag for me.