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I feel so guilty for not updating my blog as frequently as I’d like to lately. I can’t say that I’ve been super busy but I’ve been using most of my time practicing what I’ve learned in the culinary art class I enrolled in and I’ve been spending most of my money on (1) attempting to upgrade my kitchen and (2) paying for the culinary art class. So I haven’t done much makeup or clothes shopping in a while. I haven’t gotten dressed up in a while either (unless an apron counts). And the only makeup I’ve been wearing is waterproof mascara since I’ve discovered the mighty power of onions. But I promise to get this back to a “fashion-on-a-dime” blog as soon as I can.

I am now halfway through the classes and I have learned a lot. My skills so far have gone from hot dog in the microwave to bacon and mushroom risotto. And my food is not only edible now but it actually tastes pretty darn good. Our first class was culinary art history, then portions and cutting techniques, then follows rice, sauces, garnish styles, and we are now onto the international cuisine part and we’ve learned Caribbean and Spanish (specifically Spain) cuisines. Upcoming classes include: French, Italian, Oriental, Mexican, Vegetarian, etc.

Now that I’m getting a hang of the kitchen, it was obvious that my $20 toaster oven and my rusty pot and pans set weren’t going to cut it so I had to make some improvements. Here are a couple of things I’ve purchased recently for my kitchen:

Mainstays Non-stick Aluminum Cookware Set ($48 – Walmart)

I love these. Nothing sticks to them. I’ve even burned rice in one of the pots and it came right out. I highly recommend them for anyone starting out and doesn’t have to cook for a lot of people. And the price?!? Just awesome.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven &  Rotisserie ($115 – Kmart)

I can fit two cupcake pans, two cookie sheets, two cake pans, or two pizzas at a time in this oven and it also comes with a rotisserie feature that will twirl a chicken while it roasts. And it isn’t that big so it fits comfortable in my limited space apartment.

Corelle Pure White Square Dinnerware Set ($50 – Kmart)

I searched everywhere for simple square dishes only to find them at Kmart. And to top them off they are Corelle, which if you didn’t know are supposed to be unbreakable dishes. They even come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty if they break, crack or chip. And they are so classy, they can make a hot dog look gourmet. 😉

I promise to do a Spring “What’s on the mannequin”, hauls, and makeup looks soon. Oh and also a new DIY project is next, hopefully (preview on my Facebook page). If there’s anything else you’d like me to rant, I mean talk about, let me know.