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Hi everyone! I purchased the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System about 2-3 months ago and as soon as I tried it out I knew I was going to do a review on it but I decided to wait a while so I could see just how good the results were in the long run. And I have to say this thing is amazing. I would definitely see myself purchasing it again.

I purchased the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System at Walgreens for about $20. It comes with the vibrating applicator, a months worth of puffs and the batteries. At first when I read that it just vibrated I was a bit skeptical on how good it would work. But when it says that it vibrates it means that if you leave it long enough on your face your brain risks shaking. That’s how strong this thing is.

I like the fact that the puffs are already loaded with the cleanser because it makes it really easy and simple to use. Just take out the puff, put it on the velcro part of the applicator, switch on, then scrub your face for 1-2 minutes and rinse. That’s it. I also prefer the puffs over other non-professional microdermabrassion systems that usually just come with brush bristles that seem to either be very harsh or too gentle on the skin. These puffs are just right.

The main reason I purchased this was to reduce the appearance of several acne scars and to clear out the blackheads around my nose. Since my skin tends to be a bit oily I was kind of worried that it would make me break out. I have to say this went far beyond my expectations. My acne scars are barely visible, I have very few blackheads around my nose and on top of that my skin looks healthier, smoother and slightly less oily. I used it per the instructions the first month, which was 3 times a week and then reduced to twice a week and now I use it every other week and the results are still great.

For the price, this little thing is a steal. The system itself is around $20 and the refills are about $15. I highly recommend. Your skin will feel so smooth and soft after just one use I promise you will get addicted to it.