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Hi everyone! I know I’ve been gone for a little while. I was visiting my family in Florida for the holidays (well actually a few days before the holidays) and then came Christmas Day and I took advantage of the little time I had off to take some (much needed) time for myself. Anyhow, this post was meant to go up way before Christmas, but I thought I’d still share it with you.

So those who know me, know that I hate Christmas. Literally hate it. I have very, very few good memories of Christmas from my childhood due to economic problems & deaths in the family; all together just a not-so-happy-childhood. And so Christmas always seems to make me really depressed. Especially this year, since my mom and little brother moved to California this summer, leaving me with absolutely no relatives on this damn island. I’m very appreciative though, to have a very supportive boyfriend and caring friends whose wonderful families never forget to invite me over to their homes for the holidays. But no matter how much you appreciate their support, your heart still wishes that it was your own relatives you’re laughing at and making fun of and celebrating with.

Thanks to my annually holiday depression, I’ve never put up my own Christmas tree, even though I’ve lived in my apartment for three years now. I would just tell people my cat would knock it down, but the truth was it would just make me too sad to look at. This year I went so far as to telling everyone at the office that I didn’t even want Christmas decorations anywhere near my cubicle (and I’m sure that got everyone talking).

I don’t know exactly where or how the Grinch intervention happened but it did. I didn’t notice that my holiday related sadness was affecting the few people I did have around me so I decided it was finally time to snap out of it. I believe it occurred around the time my boyfriend talked me into putting up a tree, and the thought of having a memory of decorating it together would be wonderful. But that is not how he saved Christmas (yet).

Since I was going to be putting up my very first tree, I didn’t want it to be expensive, so you could imagine my excitement when I saw the dollar store was selling Christmas trees and decorations. In all I spent around $25, including the tree. This got me pretty excited so I decided to put my tree up the day before Thanksgiving. I took out all of the decorations, placed them on the floor and began to take out my tree, when I noticed, the base to hold the tree upright was not in the box. I was so angry and sad. That’s what I get for buying everything at the dollar store. I couldn’t explain why, but I was hell-bent on putting the tree up that night and it was already 10 PM and I was literally about to throw the damn tree in the garbage and run to Walgreen’s to buy an overpriced tree (if they had any left because here in PR people tend to put the tree up on Thanksgiving weekend). That’s when my boyfriend looked at me and said those words I will never forget: “You still haven’t noticed that your boyfriend’s an engineer?”. He swore that if he couldn’t make a base for the tree out of whatever I had lying around my apartment he would buy me a new one himself. I never thought this possible since the only thing around my apartment are shoes and cat toys. But create a Christmas tree base he did: he somehow found an empty box in a closet (the box my dish set came in when I moved in three years ago) and stuffed it with curtains and bed sheets and put the tree in the opening and then taped it all around with blue painters tape (since it’s all I had) and Voilà! we had a tree base. This made me so happy. It taught me that I shouldn’t get wrapped up in the small things, and that the true meaning of Christmas is making the best out of what you do have. As you can see in the photo it is slightly slanted but that just made it that much more special. And that’s how he saved my Christmas (and the tree :D).

I also owe an extra special thanks to my Dad. When my Dad called me to tell me he would help me with a plane ticket to visit them for the holidays, I did my best to try out some holiday spirit and got really excited. Even though I wasn’t going to be able to spend Christmas day with them, I would still get the chance to see family for the holidays. We had a Pre-Christmas Day where we exchanged presents and had holiday dinner, and this meant the world to me.

I hope to post soon (soon meaning hopefully before December ends) all of the amazing presents I received and some things I bought while I was in Florida.

I hope everyone had a very happy holidays, filled with joy, happiness and blessings. And may the new year bring you success, love, peace and health and overall may you stick to your resolutions! 😉

xoxo Lisa