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Hi everyone! My very first outfit of the day! Yay!! 😀 I wore this outfit to work on Friday 12/9/11. I wore my sheer floral print blouse mentioned in one of my last posts and paired it with jeans and my new brown oxford wedges, also mentioned in the same previous post. Please pay no attention to my “I’ve-been-wearing-this-makeup-all-day” face. I got dressed and ready in the morning, went to work and went to the mall afterwards and took this photo around 8 PM so you’re looking at my 13 hour make up face. 😯 I wanted to photoshop it but then realized I don’t know how. Anyhow, I really loved my outfit and wanted to share it with you.

Oh and yes, I realize how bad I am at posing in front of a camera. I take much better pictures when I don’t know a camera is pointing at me (sort of like Chandler from the TV series Friends, did you see that episode?).  Since I live alone in an apartment complex, my scenery is limited to my boring walls (unless you want to see the parking lot) and a self-timer camera. I promise to try to make my future OOTDs more interesting and use different walls. 😉 And I also apologize for the multi-plug cord on the side. I pushed it out of the way but leave it to Bacon to pull it out again. 🙂 Here’s the back view of the outfit and proof that Bacon did it:

Completely unrelated to my outfit, this week my bosses were in town and they took us out to dinner at restaurant on the beach. I’m in love with the view and scenery of the place. Here’s photos of the view, our dinner table and my appetizer – Tempura Shrimp with a Chili Plantain Sauce (it was delicious!).

BLOOPER! Bacon stepped in front of the camera. 😆