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So I went to the mall with the intentions of Christmas Shopping. Thanks to my short attention span and my lack of resistance for a good deal, I splurged more than I should have on myself. 😦 This is probably the second or third time I do a post about the items I purchase while being side-tracked at a mall so I’m going to call these posts the “Mall Diaries” (you like?).

Since I was feeling kind of bad about the splurge, I took on the mission of cleaning out my closet and decided to donate some of the items I haven’t worn in a while. At least I can now tell Santa I was a good girl once this year. 🙂

Here’s what I splurged on and of course the prices. The first thing I got was this heart print dress. It’s very girly and flowy and looks soooooo cute with a bow belt. I hope to make an outfit of the day post when I wear it. I purchased it at a store called Valija Gitana for $25 (not sure if this store is only available in PR).

I then went to Claire’s and they had a mega sale so I purchased this Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case for $2 (can you believe it?!) and these polka dot tights for $1.

All of the jewelry below I purchased at a store called Exentrix (I’m not sure if this is store is only available in PR). I got this Long Peacock Necklace to match my peacock ring. $6.99

Long Owl Necklace $6.99.

Long Silver Bird Necklace $6.99

Bow Ring $1.99

Owl Ring $5.99

Silver, White & Floral Bangles $5.99 & Bacon (my cat) $4.99, just kidding he’s priceless 😀

Now to the good part! The shoes!! (trumpets playing in the background) These I purchased at a store called La Defensa (again not sure if this is a PR only store but the exact same brands and styles can be purchased at Traffic shoe stores). These suede/velvet type material boots were $25. Completely unnecessary for the tropical 85° weather but I had to have them. I plan on wearing them to my upcoming trip to Florida to visit my Dad and the family.

I posted these oxford wedge shoes on my facebook page asking if I should purchase them because I thought $40 a pair is a bit pricey. I fell madly in love with them the first time I saw them but they weren’t available in my size (I checked  4 different stores). Then Pacsun restocked and were running out fast so I had to act quickly, when I finally made up my mind to go get them, they were on sale! (buy one get one half off) So what does a girl do? Duh! Buy one in each color. 😉

The best deal I probably got were these jeans. Each $10 at Rainbow Stores. They fit perfectly, one of them competing with my Levi’s Curve ID jeans which cost me $40 (not shown). And of course, they have Bacon’s seal of approval.

And I finally purchased colored jeans! My boyfriend says the purple ones look like joker jeans. Any how I really like them and can’t wait to find ways to wear them. I know they aren’t as bright as this season’s colored jeans but since this is the first time I incorporate colored bottoms into my wardrobe I thought I’d take baby steps. They were $25 at Rainbow stores and were on sale for buy one and get one 50% off.

The final piece of clothing is this sheer, lace, floral print shirt. It is really pretty. It has lace going down mid back. I hope to take an outfit photo of it soon. I purchased it at Rainbow stores as well for $16.80.

And last but not least, my very tacky leopard luggage! One thing’s for sure, the chances of not recognizing my luggage on the conveyor belt is reduced by 99%. I purchased it at Me Salve for $39.99 (again, so sorry if this store is only available in PR) and it is quite big and spacious. Like I said above, I’m going to visit my Dad and the family in Florida in the next weeks for the holidays. I hope to take lots of pictures. I am terrified of flying, no matter how many times I fly, I hate it even more. And the nightmare I had last night about being in a crashing plane with the cast of Jersey Shore didn’t add to my courage. I’m sure many of you wish the cast of Jersey Shore would be riding on a crashing plane but please don’t let me be on it. 😦

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