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I wanted to do this post mainly to show off the gorgeous ring I won from 30 Somethings Blog Giveaway. I was really excited to win it (I’ve never won anything before) and it is such a unique ring that it deserves to be shown. But then I thought to myself: “Dood, (that’s what I call myself) why not do a post about your ring collection?” I don’t have many but the ones that I do have I really love.

So first and foremost, most importantly, the one and only (drum roll please) beautiful ring I won from 30 Somethings Blog Giveaway. It is a stunning purplish/lilac colored stone/gem/rock on a gold band. I’ve received so many compliments when I wear it. It is definitely a showstopper.

Actually, this ring brings back some of my best childhood memories. When I was a little girl (getting a little personal here) my Grandpa used to take us to a playground where you could have picnics, hike through the woods, and right next to it was a museum. Every time we would go there, right before it was time for us to leave, we would stop by the museum where I would make him kindly ask him to buy these rings they would sell with stones on them. My Grandpa is now in the heavens and unfortunately I lost all of those “rock rings” (as I used to call them) when I was a little girl so looking at this ring will remind me of those very happy childhood memories.

I highly recommend you have a look at 30 Something‘s Blog (linked in about three different places in this post ;)). She has a great sense of style and her blog has a very positive/inspiring vibe to it. Her outfit of the days are very chic and fashionable yet she manages to look very comfy, all the while staying in a very affordable budget.

Moving on to my “collection”, this set of live, laugh, love rings was a gift from a friend. Best part is that she said she got them for $1 at Claire’s! I don’t mind knowing the price of gifts at all, on the contrary, it makes me proud to know that she purchased a great find! When I thanked her for the rings she said: “You’re welcome, just don’t forget the meaning.” Which I thought was very nice and gave me a reason to smile when I look at them. 🙂

Next is my owl & mood ring. Personally, I don’t wear more than one ring at a time. I just did it for the photos. I got the owl ring from Payless (yes, the shoe store) for about $4 and the mood ring is from the CY Zone catalog for about $5.

This bow ring I got from Forever 21 for $1.50. I think it’s super cute. I normally wear it on my ring finger. The next ring (I don’t even know what to call it) I fell in love with it immediately. I purchased it at a store here in PR called Valija Gitana for about $6. It goes well with boho styles but it also has a very edgy tribal look to it.

And finally here’s my complete collection. The peacock ring you can see in larger detail on a previous post (link here).

Recently I have been very, very sad. I lost a ring that I had purchased when I graduated from the University of PR a couple of years ago. It wasn’t the usual graduation ring. I wanted something that when I looked at it, only I knew the meaning. It was pretty expensive (purchased at Zales so I’m not even going to mention the price). It had a beautiful princess cut pink sapphire and a total of 24 (my favorite number) small diamonds around it. It was the first time I took it off in years, I would even wear it to sleep and to shower, and now it’s gone. Here’s the only (very bad quality/blurry) photo I have of it close up holding my cat Bacon when he was little, cute & cuddly (now he’s just big, fat & grumpy). May my ring rest in peace and I hope whoever finds it doesn’t sell it for less than half of what it’s worth. 😦