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This is by far my favorite video on YouTube!! I have seen it at least about five times. The video is called 10 Essential Closet Items with Magic and it is by Wendy’s Lookbook. I am such a huge fan of her videos and blog. The editing or “magic” of her videos and the quality in her photos are amazing and leave you anxiously awaiting her next video or post. Her looks are oh so fashionable and girly and chic and I can go on and on.  I would give anything to be able to have access to her closet for one day, especially her badass Christian Louboutin collection (I am so jealous)!

I always seem to find fashion inspiration from her videos and posts. They either help me find use for an item collecting dust at the back end of my closet or make me want to go running to a mall to buy a similar item. This video did both. After seeing this video I immediately ran to the mall and purchased a statement ring, an animal print scarf (of course leopard ;)) and black pumps. Yes, believe it or not, I did not own a pair of sexy black pumps. Shame on me. 😦 And it also made me rediscover the many uses of the classic t-shirt.

Here’s the video and below is the description list of each item, written by Wendy herself, as it appears in the “show more” section of the video’s YouTube link:

“1. A favorite tee – a high quality solid white tee is incredibly versatile. Great for layering and also equally great worn alone.
2. A flattering pair of jeans – flattering is the key word here. It doesn’t matter if it’s bootleg, skinny, or wide leg jeans, as long as it fits well. 
3. A chic statement ring – a bold statement ring helps elevate even the most casual outfit.
4. An animal print scarf – this one is my favorite! A great leopard print scarf adds instant chic factor to any plain outfit. 
5. A perfect black handbag – regardless of brands, a high quality medium to large size black handbag not only holds your stuff but will last for years.
6. A classic sleek pair of tall boots – I live in my tall boots in Fall/Winter! For me, this item is definitely an essential piece! To give it the timeless state, I look for boots that are clean with little embellishments such as buckle or zipper details. 
7. A warm leather jacket – this item is more of my personal choice. Between wool and leather jackets, I find myself always grabbing my leather jacket. Also I find it easier to layer with a leather jacket as Fall/Winter rolls around.
8. A tailored blazer – the key point here is tailored. The shoulders to shoulders have to fit well. Boyfriend blazers, oversized blazers, etc. are great too, but a classic clean simple tailored blazer is a closet essential.
9. A pair of black pumps – again, regardless of brands, a high quality pair of leather almond-toe pumps are classic! It can be worn with virtually anything! 
10. The Little Black Dress – our favorite LBD! A simple, figure-flattering black dress is timeless.”

I obviously cannot take any credit for this post. This post is just a suggestion and recommendation for everyone to check out her videos (link here) and her blog (link here) and I promise you will fall in love with her style and be as envious of it as I am. 😉 And if you like her stuff, I’m sure she’ll appreciate an additional follower.