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My fall lovers: dark floral prints and brown leather jackets

I recently discovered Polyvore. It is a fashion blogger’s best friend. It allows you to make fashion sets and puts at your fingertips all items your little heart can imagine. I went crazy. I spent hours (easily) making the set above, and enjoyed every minute. The feature I loved the most is that you can sort the items you’re interested in for your set based on price. Every item featured above is $50 or less.

Since this is my first set, it isn’t half as elaborate as some of the sets on the site. I just wanted to showcase how I would mix and match some of my fall obsessions from my previous blog post, mainly a brown leather jacket (in the middle) and pair it with the two different floral print outfits (each to the right and left). I also added a little leopard print in there cause who doesn’t love a little leopard. 😉 Price list and links for all items listed below.

Got any Polyvore tips and tricks for me? Please share.

Floral tunic, $14
Flower shirt, €14
Leather jacket, $40
Miss Selfridge skinny jeans, $25
Tall tight, $15
Privileged lace up booties, $35
Old Navy zipper boots, $29
Satchel bag, $49
Gathering Eye satchel handbag, $40
Juicy Couture bohemian jewelry, $41
TopShop green jewelry, $25
Rhinestone jewelry, $40
Wrap bracelet, $25
Betsey Johnson heart drop earrings, $35
Betsey Johnson drop earrings, $40
Mango long chain necklace, $18
Miss Selfridge red shawl, $18
Belt, $17