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I am a serious nail bitter. 😦 I have been for years. It is a terrible, nasty habit. The only way I’ve been able to not do it so much (because I haven’t been able to completely quit) is by consistently keeping my nails painted with nail polish. And not only because I like the way it looks but mainly because when I bite my nails when they are painted, it tastes horrible. Not that they taste any better when they’re not painted, but they taste even worse when you bite them and the nail polish chips off and into your mouth. Yuck. So by having them painted all the time I bite them less and have been able to grow my nails out a little and I feel like a big girl now. 🙂

It seems like nail strips are all the rage these days with every store from Claire’s to Pacsun are carrying them. I am very lazy and was getting tired of having to paint my nails every other day since I wash my hands a lot and the slightest sight of chipping seriously bothers me. So I decided to give nail strips a try. I discovered these nail strips at my local Walgreen’s drugstore. They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  I absolutely looooved the colors but was hesitant to purchase them because of the price. They cost around $10 for only 16 strips which would equal only one use and a few extra in case you mess up. But I was so drawn to the “Laced Up” design that I decided to splurge one day and I’m so glad I did. As soon as I took the strips out of the packaging I instantly noticed that they were actually real nail polish strips since they smelled strongly like real nail polish. The color was also shiny and vibrant. It came with 16 nail polish strips, a small nail file, the instructions and a wooden cuticle stick.

They were surprisingly very easy to put on. Simply prep your nails (wash hands, clean with nail polish remover, file any ridges) and then pick the size that best fits your nail and apply the strip and smooth out on the nail (works better if you apply it in the center and smooth your way out to the edges) and then trim any excess to best fit the size of your nails. I did some research before hand and found out that the best way to trim the excess around the nail was with the little wooden cuticle stick that comes in the package. Just do a simple perforation with the flat side of the wooden cuticle stick along the edges of your nail and you should be able to tear it right off.

Even though it is not indicated by the instructions, I decided to apply a clear top coat on the nails in hopes that they would last longer. They lasted for about a week and would’ve lasted longer but my pointer fingers and thumbs were starting to chip a little so I decided to remove them. And that my dear, was the hard part. When these stick to your nails, they stick to your nails. You really have to scrub them with nail polish remover to get them completely off.

They come in a great variety of colors (some to your left) ranging from animal print to glitter, solid colors, lace, flower print, and more. They even came out with limited edition Halloween designs (I know, shame on me for not telling you a week ago). Since my nails are relatively short and the nail strips are sort of long, I decided to cut each nail strip in half before applying it to my nail and use the same strip for the same finger on each hand (for ex. one strip for both my pinkies). This way I got two uses out of them instead of one. Yay! Hooray for saving money! 😀 Here’s the actual photos with the laced up design. You can also see a photo in my last post where I’m displaying my peacock feather ring. I know, I know; there’s probably a million and one better poses I could have done with my hands to better showcase the nail designs instead of my entire hand but oh well. Guess I need blog picture taking for dummies…

Pros: Super long-lasting in comparison with regular nail polish. The designs are varied and really cute (I received a ton of compliments). No wait time to dry, they dry instantly. Easy to apply.

Cons: A bit more time consuming to apply then regular nail polish but considering there is no dry time, to me it’s no biggie. Very difficult to remove.