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I went to the mall the other day to buy shampoo and walked out with a scarf, a ring, a handbag, & two pairs of shoes. The story of every woman’s life.

I am currently obsessed with floral and leopard prints. And I love combining these with nude or brown faux leather items (jacket, shoes, belts). Almost everything I purchased was either on sale or at a relatively good price (so I don’t feel so bad for the random splurge).

These were the items I purchased on my shampoo trip to the mall. The handbag was $10 (Rainbow Stores), the nude-simulated-leather-beaded-bow flats were $15 (Rainbow Stores), the leopard flats were $7 (Rainbow Stores), and the leopard print scarf was $13 (Pacsun).

I also purchased this ring on my shampoo trip for $9 at Claire’s Accessory Store. It has a beautiful, real peacock feather in the inside. It is even more beautiful up close. I know it’s not leopard or flower print, but feather’s are also very in this season and I had to have it, but I wouldn’t consider feathers one of my “obsessions”.

I purchased this faux leather jacket a couple of weeks ago at Charlotte Russe for about $40. I tried taking a photo of myself wearing it and it didn’t come out very good so I will try to remember to have someone take a picture of me with it on. 🙂 It is a very nice cream color, so it isn’t very overpowering when you wear it. And it is also very warm (not that I need the warmth since I live on a tropical island, but I envy all of you who get to wear nice, sexy jackets so I buy them and wear them anyway).

I purchased these dresses a couple weeks ago also. Since I didn’t have a photo of me wearing them I added a photo of the model wearing them because the hanger does not do the dresses justice. The blue and yellow flower print dress I purchased from the Mark Catalogue for $40. It is called the Sheer Genius Dress in case you want to purchase it on ebay (where I am sure it is cheaper). It is a very beautiful, flowy and girly dress. The other dress I purchased from Pacsun for $35. It is also a flowy dress, but sort of has a more boho, seventies feel to it. Both dresses have a slip layer underneath and a sheer flower print material over it. You’d probably say $35-$40 for a dress is a bit much, but I look at it this way, one dress is a complete outfit. You spend way more than that forming a complete outfit by purchasing pants and a top.

What are your fall obsessions