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Ever wear eyeliner only to have it disappear by the end of the day? I would get so terribly frustrated that I wouldn’t even bother wearing it, despite loving the look of eyeliner so much. Especially since I wear contacts and suffer from severe dry eyes and need to use eye-drops about 10 times a day. To me, personally, a little bit of eyeliner can take a look a long way. Eyeliner alone can turn a day time look into a night-time look. It defines your lash line and intensifies your eyes. I had given up completely on my love of eyeliner, until my search brought me to the perfect one.

Behold Milani Liquif’Eye Eyeliner Pencil. One word: Amazing. It literally will not come off unless removed with makeup remover. I am not kidding. It will last all day long, smudge-proof, water-proof, bullet-proof, you name it (ok, maybe, not bullet-proof, but still a possibility since I am not willing to put it to the test). Even the color black is fully resistant. And it easily removes with normal makeup remover. The best part is the price. These retail for about $5 – $7 at your local drugstore/pharmacy. I purchased mine at Walgreens, but I have also seen them at Wal-Mart & CVS. They are available in five awesome colors: black, brown, silver, gold & aqua.

To prove to you that these are so bad-ass, I traced a small line of eyeliner on my hand before going to work one morning. I wore a white shirt to work. White shirt + black eyeliner on your hand = that’s how much I trust these suckers. I washed my hands a total of three times during the day and also applied hand lotion because my hands were dry. Since the black line was very obvious on my hand and my co-workers noticed, I let several of them rub the line on my hand to prove its resistance. I took a photo immediately after writing the line before leaving for work that morning and another photo as soon as I got back home, about 9 hours later. As you can see my nail polish came off during the day (it actually chipped off and so my nails wouldn’t look horrible for the picture I removed the rest, in case your thinking the pictures weren’t taken on the same day), and the line is perfectly in tact on my hand. It faded a little from all the rubbing and hand washing, but that is to be expected since eyeliner isn’t meant for your hand, and I doubt your eye will be exposed to the same things your hands are. 


9 hours later: