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Hi there! So…I’ll admit it. I am very much jealous of Kim Kardashian’s hair. 😳 To feel better, I tell myself she has hair extensions or a weave (not that there’s anything wrong with extensions or weaves). And since I wasn’t blessed with her beautiful hair or her perfectly shaped @ss, you gotta work what your mama gave you. And at least one of those two things is easily fixable. 🙂

Not too long ago, I did some research and invested in hot rollers in hopes of achieving KK’s hair. I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to correctly use them, and so I did, and the result was a complete disappointment. They fell completely flat, even after spraying half a can of hairspray on them (you know, Jersey style). Not to mention that the rollers also burned my hands and ears and were extremely difficult to use. And so I came to the conclusion that hot rollers are not for me. I thought all hope was lost, and then I came across this YouTube video tutorial and it changed my life, or should I say, my hair.


It’s a quick and easy 4 minute video tutorial that consists of twirling your hair around your fingers and pinning it up with a clip. Then, wet the curls, but only so they are damp, and let them air dry. Once dry, take out the clip and …Ta Da! Perfectly, beautiful sexy waves. It’s that simple. Make sure to always use clips to hold the curls because bobby pins will leave a noticeable crease (trust me, I found this out the hard way). I purchased the same clips used in the video for $1 for 12 clips at my local drugstore/pharmacy. Also make sure that the ends of your hair are secured with the curl so you have an even look. You don’t have to have long hair like hers to achieve the same result. I have much shorter hair and it worked just fine. This method can also be used for creating volume for thin, flat hair by making the curls a bit looser. And it also works great to tame frizz and smooth out curls for natural curly hair. And the best part of all, there is no heat damage to your hair!! 😀

Pros: No heat damage to hair, long lasting waves, works great for a wide range of hair types.

Cons: It takes a while for the curls to dry.

If you would like to see more of Krista Bradford’s hair tutorials, please subscribe to her YouTube channel (link below). Hope you enjoyed this post. As always, comments, suggestions, and recommendations are welcome. Now excuse me while I throw my hot rollers in the trash. 🙄

Krista Bradford’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/atKristaBradford